We do all of our restoration, cleaning, and repair services in-store at our location at 919 Fort Street!

Curious how much it will take to bring your carpet back to life? Bring it in for a free (zero-commitment) quote!

We offer:

  • Hand-washing for Persian, Oriental & Antique carpets in Victoria BC at only $7.50/sq ft.
    • Add-on: Pet Stain and Odour Control* at $2.50/sq ft 
    • Add-on: Moth and Moth Larvae Quarantining* at $2.50/sq ft.
  • * Add-ons are mandatory with Hand-wash service for the carpets that have stain, odour, or moth problems.  

Do you need a non-skid rug underlay pad? We sell the highest quality TEEBAUD underlays at only $4.50/sq ft.


Type of repair


Restoration in the body of the carpet (see video)


Restoration of carpet pile only and/or installation of signature or emblem (see video)


Restoration of a ripped side edge (see video)


Installation of new fringes  (see video)    


Restoration of the side edges of the carpet (see video)


Restoration of existing fringes, taking out rows and sealing off the carpet (see video)


Seal off the existing carpet fringes (see video)


Sewing band on the carpet side to prevent edges rolling and stabilizing (see video)


Natural Colour Dyeing, Restoration of carpet colours (see video)


Shearing the pile of an uneven carpet to make the pile flat, even & smooth


A selection of photos of the cleaning and repair process: