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Rugs are the centrepiece of your home, which defines the owner's personality and creates wholesome vibes; there is no way you can get this one wrong. The area rug sizesdepend on several technical factors and on the room's usage.

Your rug represents you, so it's essential to choose the right design which shows your personality, and choosing the suitablerug sizes for your home is just as important. When selecting a rug, it is essential to understand that rugs won't come in the exact measurements as shown in the images, so buying a bigger one might be a good idea.

According to an article published by HOME DEPOT, it is observed that the average size of rugs lies between 8 to 12 inches long, and the wideness stands below 3 feet. However, the area rug sizes might differ based on the area you are placing it in and the proximity of traffic it might experience. The small rug makes the room look disjointed and smaller, so a bigger one is the right choice. 

It would be best to understand the room's proportions for getting the right rug size. You should require large area rugs for larger rooms, and for more extended rooms, you will need rugs of the same orientation. When you choose the right rug for your home, try to visualize how it will look in terms of size and decor. You can check the measurements with painter's tape, and it should look right. 

Let's see rug sizes breakdown from room wise:

Living Room

You can say the living room is the heart of the home; it's all the more important to have the best rug in the living room, so your room doesn't look out of decor or odd. While you look for rug sizes for the living room, it must perfectly match the size of the seating area of your living room. It will ground the space where guests should be entertained. 

According to an article published by THE SPRUCE.COM, it is observed that the sizes of the rugsfor living rooms must be determined based on the area one wants to keep exposed. Usually, for large hallways and living rooms, a rug sized around 12 inches to 24 inches will fit to be an appropriate option.

Your furniture also plays an essential role in whether your room and rug look nice or not. If you have more oversized furniture that is not placed against the wall, you can put the rug as per the living room size, making your room look bigger and spacious by creating an illusion.


Your bedroom is your comfort zone, and it's a space where you return to after a long and tiring day. The rug placement should be comforting, making the room look more pleasing and welcoming. It is important to note that the rug contains soft material that feels good. 

While you select the perfect rug sizes for your bedroom, there are three types of layouts that you can follow to select the size and place the rug perfectly.

  1. All Legs on the Rug

    While you select the area rug size for this layout, you should go for the larger Rug. This layout requires you to place the bed on the Rug, and also, you don't want your rug to end up just at the edge, so when you select the rug size, it should extend up to 18 "-24" on each side of the bed. 

  2. 2/3rd of the Bed on the Rug

    This layout is getting popular and used by many homeowners. You'll need a smaller rug from the previous one for this layout. This layout will frame your Bed and give a balanced and asymmetrical look. 

  3. Only Runners on the Side

    This layout option is the economic one. If you have a smaller room, this layout is the perfect option. This runner should not extend beyond the side of the Bed. 

Dining Room

The best layout for the dining room rug size will be all legs on the Rug. When you choose the perfect rug size, you should keep the dining table space in mind, whether it's rectangular or round. While placing the Rug, 24 "-36" extension beyond the chair legs should make the dining room look more cohesive.


Your decor shall look lively only when the decoration items are stacked adequately as it helps create an array of systemized ornament for the room. However, it is vital to consider each factor affecting the overall look when choosing the decor items. 

The colour, size or shapes you induce in the living space. To better understand how to choose the right-sized rugs that fit the best to the dimensions of your room, read the tips mentioned earlier and make an informed decision. 


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