Posted by Babak Rezwani

Whoever plans to buy a carpet or a rug goes through a lot of consideration and thinking for choosing the right one. Surrounding decor, the room in which it is to be installed, the purpose of that room, and the size and shape of that room are the factors to consider when buying a rug. But what if you are planning to buy a carpet that is not for your home space. Numerous factors are to be considered while planning to buy a rug for business purposes. Let us make you aware of the differences between a carpet for business and a carpet for home space.

Rug for home office:

It's been a while since our homes converted into offices, and it seems like work from home will continue to stay. Since work from home has become an integral part of our lives, many of us want a home office that exhibits creativity and productivity hidden inside us.

The easiest way to find a carpet for home space is to choose it by your heart. Go for the one you truly adore and love as you have to see it every day. It must add warmth and sophistication to your home. There is less foot traffic in the house; that's why you do not need to consider factors like durability. As home carpets drive less traffic, the rugs will surely last longer than usual. Handwoven rug are perfect for a home setting and inexpensive.

Factors to be considered while choosing a rug for your home:

  • Size:
  • Size is the foremost factor while choosing a rug for your house. The correct size of the carpet determines a well-designed and structured room. The first doubt that arises is whether you desire a wall rug or looking for the one that covers the smaller area.

  • Right Construction:
  • This pandemic has urged us to stay at home, which allows us to stay with our families and work at our convenience. But on the other hand, we tend to continue unmotivated until there is no designated place to finish our work without any disturbance. So there should be a rug of the right construction type making your workspace even more inviting and attractive. That is why many offices have rugs of low profile as these are ideal for furniture movement. Short pile rugs are perfect for chairs, desks, and cabinets. Further, always use excellent and high-quality rugs for durability. If you have a less budget, then go for Kelim rugs.

  • Colour:
  • When planning to decorate your home office with the rug, consider the basic thumb rule you would do for the rest of your home. Observe the existing colours in your room, and then start to select the colour for your rug. Choosing a colour that blends into your room is the best option. A slid colour rug will be ideal even if you have any furniture or upholstery in your room. But if your home office has solid furniture, then going for the bright and lively area rug would be best.

  • Rug for business:
  • There is a lot of difference when choosing a carpet for a business and a home. Yes, home rugs are chosen with the heart, but selecting the carpet for business should give the customer that great feeling when he walks in. Practically the business rug will drive more traffic and be prone to dirt and grime; therefore, try to pick the one with rich and dark colours that hide the same and make it look clean and tidy.

Law offices and many businesses have antique Persian rugs that can bear a good amount of abuse without showing any wear and tear. Antique rugs are called three-generation or iron rugs because they are densely woven and last longer. The rich colour carpets represent the business to be stronger and give a feeling of strength.

If you still feel confused about picking the right carpet, Babak's Oriental Carpets experts are always there to help you out. Visit us or contact us, and we will assist you in choosing the right rug for your home or business.