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The art of making carpets started when the nomad tribes wanted to protect themselves from cold weather and wanted easily handleable and transportable. The most ancient carpet is the Pazyryk carpet, founded in 1947 from excavations in Siberia. The carpet is around 2500 years old and is presently displayed at the hermitage museum in St.Petersburg, Russia.


It was winter in a cave somewhere in Europe. And a woman decided to lay skin on the bald cave floor to protect herself from the harsh cold. That is how a rug was invented. Rugs even existed before civilization. Afterwards, it became a story of technology, art, trade and agriculture. 


In our day-to-day lives, we use so many house decor and utility items without even knowing the function and purpose of that product. Rugs and carpets, nails and screws, wires and cable are few examples with various significance, which are considered the same but surprisingly are not. These are different words with variant meanings and characteristics. Rugs and Carpets are one of the examples which are often used interchangeably and tend to mislead people by assuming both to be one product.

It is a little tricky and complicated to understand the concept. In general notion carpets and rugs are prominently recognized as two unvaried choices regarding floor coverings. Yes, it is somewhat accurate as carpets, to a greater extent, are ideal for floor coverings. Although the purpose of rugs is also the same, a rug is not entirely identical to carpets. There is a valid reason why we cannot call carpets and rugs synonyms words and cannot use both of them interchangeably. Although the rug and carpet's feel and texture are the same, there is a lot of difference between the two. Knowing the difference in respect to pros and cons is essential when you want to decorate your home.

The major difference between carpets and rugs is their size. Rugs are used for partial coverings, whereas carpets majorly take up the entire space and are attached to the flooring. Most people do not know the difference between carpets and rugs, making the shopping process difficult. Let us guide you on the significant differences between a rug and carpet.


A rug will be a more sensible choice if you live in a home with a lot of dirt and grime. Carpets are not easy to wash. And an expensive cleaning machine is required, and professional cleaners add to your cost.


The installation plays a crucial role in determining the difference between a rug and a carpet. Carpets require professional removal and installation, which involves more cost. Instead, replacing a rug is a cheaper process as it is not fixed to the floor.


If you want your room to look great, choosing the right flooring plays a significant role. A wooden floor looks great with a rug rather than carpet as it can highlight and add a focal point to space. It provides an extra bold element that is appealing to the third person.

Carpets and rugs will surely elevate the look and add warmth if you want to decorate your home and enhance the room’s appearance.



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