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Area rugs add comfort and complete the decor of your home. You can buy different types of rugs for your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Finding a perfect rug to go with every decor might look like a tedious task. However, if you choose the wrong one, it can pull down the whole vibe of your room. 

According to an article published by ANGI.COM, it is observed that the most common material preferred by most individuals is wool. Wool area rugs for the living room can be considered a good choice as it adds beauty to the room and enables you to create a cozy and intimate environment.

Woollen area rugs can be dyed easily and hold onto their classic appearance for an extended period. It also sustains relatively longer than any other rugs available in the market.



Let us have a look at some of the key considerations one must look upon for an area rug:

Area Rug Size and Placement

You want your area rug to fit with the room as you don't want your room decor to look disorganized. The rug is a part of decor placed strategically to enhance the room's elegance.

If your area rug size is too small, your room will look awkward, and if it's too big, only the rug will be the only focal point overshadowing the whole decor. You don't need an interior design degree to choose the right-sized rug which is a comfortable fit for your room.

Before purchasing the rug, measure the area where you want your rug to fit. You can also use the painter's tape to mark more precisely.

In your house, every room has different purposes and furniture. Hence, every room should have different standards for placing area rugs. If you're interested in an area rug for the living room, then your furniture on the front leg should fit onto the rug's borders. For the dining room, it must cover all the chairs to avoid snagging the edges.

Wherever you put area rugs in your home, they will get different traffic levels and have different purposes to serve.

Keep your rug on an even surface and place a rug pad underneath your area rug so that it doesn't experience any premature wear and tear. Direct sunlight can also cause damage to your area rug, and it can get faded, so it is advisable to keep it away from sun rays and keep on rotating the rug so it remains protected.

Rug Materials

While picking up the rug, you should prioritize the material and how that will hold up during daily activities. Choosing the best rug material may be expensive, but it looks superb and is worth it when you look at it in the long run.

Good quality area rugs are durable and easier to clean as kids and pets are hard on rugs and dirty. So choosing a fabric like wool or synthetics is best.

According to an article published by PLUSH RUGS.COM, it is reported that wool stands on the top of the list of most durable area rug materials, followed by nylon, sisal, jute, and seagrass.

The usage also affects the decision on rug material.  If you want to feel luxurious, you can choose a rug with long fibres, a thick rug will be an excellent choice to enjoy your movie marathon, or if you are a constant phone dropper, it will also protect your phone.

It will be safer to use a low-pile rug if your rug faces much wear and tear like wheelchairs, walkers, or a flatter. Dust and dirt get stuck in rugs and cause many problems, so if you're allergic, you should be careful when choosing the suitable material for your rugs.

Rug Patterns and colour

You can choose catchy patterned rugs if your wall colour is neutral or dull. Modern area rugs come in different soft materials and are available in different shapes, colours, or patterns. You should choose a rug colour similar to the wall colour. You can also choose a dark colour rug if you want your rug to hold up occasional coffee spills or heavy foot traffic.

There are many options available for patterns and colour options for rugs. You can buy your rugs from a reliable rug store, where you can choose from the rugs personally, or you can also buy rugs online if you don't want to roam around and stay at home browsing hundreds of options.

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