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You might be wondering about the need to pay much attention to selecting the correct rug pad for your carpet. The answer holds that it is a crucial factor in determining the safety aspect and durability of your rugs and carpets.

According to an article published by RUG PAD USA, it is stated that rug pads are an essential part of any carpet or area rug as they will not only increase the longevity of the rugs but shall also add significant comfort to the existing carpet.

The thicker the rug gripper pad, the more cushioned comfort will be experienced by the people walking over it. The general dimensions of the adequate density of cushion padding stay somewhere between ⅜ or ½-inches.

Choosing a rug pad that has the best carpet padding is advisable to retain more extended-term benefits and keep yourself free from the hassle of changing it frequently.

According to an article published by APARTMENT THERAPY, it is observed that the general lifespan of rug pads lies between three to four years. However, the regular upkeep and maintenance shall deliver different results.

It is often advisable to get your rug replaced after extensive usage of four years and professionally cleaned once every two years.

Let us have a look at the importance of rug pads and why is it essential to install a good one:


Although oriental carpets and area rugs might complement the entire look of your living space and add to its beauty. There are some serious issues which must be attended to adequately before installing your carpets and runners.

With the daily usage and dragging the area underneath the carpets and runners experience a lot of wear and tear, which ultimately results in the reduction of friction amongst the carpet area and the floor, which might sometimes cause the carpet to slip over from its position, making the walker fall on the floor.

Unless you are looking to place any heavy object over the rug, you can skip the rug pads as the weight of objects will stick the carpet to the original position.

Let us have a look at the benefits of rug pads:


  • PREVENTION FROM SLIPPING: One of the primary reasons you should invest in a good rug pad is to prevent the rug or carpet from frequently sliding over their existing places. It is essential to make sure which type of rug you might install depending upon the material of your rug and the flooring underneath.

  • PROTECTION FOR THE CARPETS: With the daily usage, your carpets underneath shall experience severe wear and tear, especially in the high traffic areas. The friction caused shall open up the pores below the covering and let the minute dirt and dust particles enter the carpets. However, if a thick rug pad is installed, it may reduce the effects of dirt and protect the carpets from unwanted debris clogging.

  • EASE AT CLEANING: The rug pads provide a layer between the carpets and floors and enable the vacuum to clean efficiently by managing the equivalent flow of air inside out. It might look difficult to clean the carpet underneath as the dirt might get stuck inside, however with the rug pads attached below, the issue is solved, and cleaning can be done at ease.

  • BARRIER AGAINST THE STAINS: After a significant usage of carpets, the last layer above the floor might become very thin, and the possibility of things spilling at the end will increase relatively.

    However, even after years of using carpets, if you have had it covered by a rug pad underneath, the chances of stains spilling becomes very low, which ultimately signifies that rug pads act as a barrier against the tough stains to spill over your beautiful floorings.

  • EXTRA BEDDING OF COMFORT: When thick rug pads are installed under the carpets, it acts as extra bedding and provide comfort to the walkers above. A rug pad underneath your carpet will provide more stability and enable safer conditions for walking around.


There are a variety of pads for area rugs available in the market at different prices. However, paying attention to each aspect of rug pads is essential, starting from their material and gripping strength to their size and built-in quality.

Eye-catching offers with slashed prices might make you think that it is the perfect rug pad. However, do not let the monopoly of customer pricing fool you. Make an informed decision by considering all the necessary criteria and choosing the right pad according to your carpet padding and density.


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